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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today and forever.

” Apostle Charles, I want to give my thanks to God for helping my sister through your prayers. My Sister DIANA SERAFICO BELANDRES had a breast cancer, and you prayed for her; Now she is healed, she is free… . “

Charette Serafico Cariumba
Charette Serafico Cariumba

Taipei, Taiwan

I was very sick and the sickness defied all medications, but after Apostle Charles prayed for me I slept and woke up healed with no more pains again in my body. Glory be to Almighty God  I’m healed. Amen. “

Benoh Vidick
Benoh Vidick

Kampala, Uganda

”I had fibroid, and Apostle Charles prayed for me, the next day I went for an ultra sound scan, after doctor examined me, he said the fibroid had shrunken. I bless God for what He’s doing through this  ministry . “

Uloma Igoniwari
Uloma Igoniwari

Bayelsa, Nigeria